Units from the Lake Brownwood Bridge and Bangs Volunteer Fire Departments responded to an oil tank battery fire on FM 1849 early Monday morning.

The departments were called to the scene about 5:30am Monday after lightning reportedly struck the tank battery causing the fire.

Although it was raining in the area at the time, firefighters had to use special foam to put out the flames, according to Bangs Fire Chief Dennis Lilley.

“Lake Bridge deserves the credit as they had arrived on the scene first and the tank battery was fully involved on top and the center unit had flames on it as well,” Lilley said.  “The rain had no effect on dousing the fire, both the Bridge and Bangs used Class B foam to smother the oil fire in the tank battery, and then we switched over to just water to cool the tanks.”

Lilley said that oil tank fires of this type are particularly dangerous, and firefighters have to use extreme caution.

“Those types of fires, where it is uncertain, always have you on your toes wondering what could happen,” Lilley said.

The lid to one of the tanks apparently was blown off prior to the arrival of firefighters and was found embedded in the ground several feet away.   No other property damage or injuries were reported.

Pictured at top is the tank battery that caught fire.  Below is the lid to one of the tanks that was blown off.

Photos by Emily Hutson.