Brownwood Fire Department Rescues Dogs from Pecan Bayou - Video


The Brownwood Fire Department implemented a rescue late Thursday morning of two stray dogs that were stranded at the bottom of the dam of the Pecan Bayou.

Brownwood Animal Control received a report from a passerby that the dogs, which were visible from Early Blvd, were stranded and the Brownwood Fire Department was requested on scene.  The BFD rescue team of Ron Groom, Jody Horton, Bryan Harvey, and Cpt. Robert Myers assembled gear to save the animals.  Ropes were secured and Groom scaled down the concrete dam to catch the dogs.

Obviously scared, the dogs were elusive as Groom approached them at the base of the dam.  As one dog was being secured, the other swam down part of bayou, ran up the bank and escaped down Early Blvd.   The captured dog was hoisted up the side of the dam and released to Brownwood Animal Control.

Officials are unsure how the dogs ended up in the bayou, but suspect that they were attempting to cross the dam and fell down the side.

See a video of the rescue as well as photos from the scene below.


The dogs waiting to be rescued



Brownwood Firefighters Ron Groom, Jody Horton, Bryan Harvey, and Cpt. Robert Myers



Brownwood Animal Control takes custody of the rescued dog.



Cpt. Robert Myers helps Ron Groom back up after the dog rescue.