Emergency Management One Step Closer to Upgrades in Communications

Brown County Emergency Responders should soon see upgrades in some of their communication devices as Brown County Commissioners gave approval to seek bids for emergency management radio equipment to Brent Bush, Brown County Emergency Management Director.

Money from the 2010 Homeland Security Grant will be used in the purchase of communication equipment which will be used mostly by the police departments, county constables, and lake patrol who will receive portable radios.

According to Bush, the funds have already been awarded and have to be spent by July 3, 2012.  Bush explained that the county will purchase the equipment and be reimbursed after it is received.  Bush stated that the county desires to purchase the Kenwood brand because that is the brand currently used and what the officers are more familiar with.

“We chose Kenwood because we want everything to be compatible and because we want everyone to be familiar with the equipment,” said Bush.  “Most of our radios in the county are Kenwood now, so we plan to get bids on a common product.”

Bids will be sought to include the following equipment:

18 Kenwood VHF 110 watt P25 RF decks with Control Head Kits

1   Kenwood VHF 50 watt P25 RF deck with Control Head Kit

1   Kenwood compact P25 portable radio (TK5720K)

5   Kenwood P25 duty portable radios (TK5210GK2)

3  Kenwood compact P25 portable radios (TK5220LKP)

8  Kenwood VHF helical antenna

8   Leather belt loop with D ring

8   Heavy duty holsters for 5*10 radios

8   Noise cancelling speaker-mics

13  Kenwood Lithium Ion Batteries

10  Kenwood single rapid chargers